Handbag Size Cats Folding Cane

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Defining how contemporary cane-making has evolved with an emphasis on smarter, more agile designs, the Handbag Cat Printed Folding Cane is an exceptional cane. You get a dexterous walking cane that can be instantly folded into a compact form. This makes it perhaps one of the best traveling canes. When needed, just unfold the cane with effortless ease. Using fresh lavender green color on the shaft and handle, this walking cane is definitely trendy. The printed cane comes across as more of a fashion accessory rather than being a collectors cane or a heavy-duty walking aid. Still, you get impressive functioning with a perfectly engineered folding mechanism and reasonable structural integrity. The rubber ferrule attached to the bottom ensures the Folding Cat Print Cane gets a good grip on all sorts of surfaces. The feline-inspired print adds a bit of playfulness. Customization is possible, as you can adjust the length between 32 inches and 35 inches. Perhaps, a cane of choice for those who love cats!

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