Walking Cane Holder in Black


This is the finest of utility-focused cane accessories on our storethe Cane Holder in Black uses a simple but innovative mechanism. The clip helps you secure the cane holder to any kind of surface to create a small but useful space for safe-keeping your cane. With the Black Cane Holder, you don't need to keep glancing at your cane just to know its whereabouts. The holder can safely position your cane at a given spot for endless hours. This cane holder is portable and detachableyou have an on-the-go cane accessory no matter what your plans are for the day. The black color creates an interesting point of contrast for enthusiastically colored canes while it complements canes in sober shaded canes. In every way, you get the reassurance of a smart cane accessory that will last for a very long time and is worthy of the price.

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