Midnight Blue Floral

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Floral designs are one of the best selling designs for any glitz and glamour accessories. The Midnight blue floral walking cane is a great choice for a womens walking stick. A walking cane is not just intended to provide walking support, but also to expresses your sense of creating fashion in anything you wear. The Midnight Blue Floral walking cane is a perfect choice if you are thinking the same. You can make your unique fashion statement with the bewitching design of this walking accessory. Matching to any wardrobe you wear, this cane can be a perfect choice for your next big event. In the offset of a navy backdrop, this gorgeous cane comes adorned with high quality print of the Calla Lily floral design. The cane features a derby-style handle that is set on a high gloss print shaft with a brass ring. The standard length of this cane is 36 inches. However, you can get the length shortened to your particular length upon prior request. It also provides greater grip even in smooth and slippery surfaces with rubber tip #HC8039808.

We only have one of these in stock and the cane is cut to 32 inches.  This item is on clearance. Regular Price is $59.97. 

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