Bubinga Wood Walking Cane


Bubinga Wood is highly regarded as an exotic wood. Favorite to most woodworkers, this wood has been used with success over many centuries. The Bubinga Wood Walking cane, made from this classic wood, is a great choice for those who require a robust, yet stylish walking accessory. Boasting a genuine Bubinga construction, this walking cane is particularly designed for men. This cane comes with a derby-style handle with brass ring to the collar. This cane stands at 36 inches as standard. If you prefer a shorter length, you can get it cut to your sizes by choosing the required length from the drop-down menu. The diameter of the shaft is 7/8 inches at the top, tapering to �� inches at the bottom. It comes with replacement tip #8-0398-08 for ensuring stability while walking. This walking cane can be a perfect match to any wardrobe of your choice.

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