Adjustable Brown Elegant Engraved Cane


Adjustable Brown Engraved Cane blends the aura of a typical vintage cane with the versatility associated with contemporary cane designs. You get a fashionable walking stick featuring white polka dots on a brown backgroundthe visuals are a definite attention-grabber. This is what makes the Brown Engraved Cane a true designer cane. You can use it as an exclusive fashion accessory too. The adjustable cane has a rubber ferrule tip and a brown derby handlemust-haves for any cane to make sense as a walking aid. This also underlines the fact that the Engraved Brown Cane impresses as a walking support too. The added comfort comes in the form of ease of adjustmentyou can easily adjust the canes length, from 33 inches to 37 inches. The adjusting mechanism is perfected. You don't need much effort to shorten/extend this cane to your desired length. The derby handle walking stick provides a hassle-free, firm grip at all times. The fine contouring means a great grip even when you use the cane for longer durations. We recommend the Adjustable Brown Walking Cane for those who use walking canes regularly, more so folks who need a dependable walking aid for longer hours with the option of changing the canes length. The FREE Wrist Strap further ensures your hands don't suffer from any cane fatigue.

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