Brass Crown Handle


Some collectors sticks are just meant to be displayed and gather compliments while others are also equally functional. We offer you the latter, a new standard in the niche of premium walking sticks the Brass Crown Handle Collectors Stick. You get the perfect combination of design, price and ergonomics with this Brass Crown Handle Stick. Available in a customary size of 36 inches, the walking stick has a sturdy construction with a crown like handle that offers an easy, firm grip. Made of premium hardwoods in the cane-making capital of the work, i.e. Scotland, this walking stick is meant for those who adore the artistry in cane-making. The robust walnut colored wooden shaft promises durability. Superior finish of the brass walking stick conceals the rugged core. The brass crown handle lends a very elite aura. Buy the Crown Handle Stick for its incredible price, the pedigree of constructions and unmatched grandeur. You don't need to compromise on the grip either and get the perfect aesthetics with exquisite finishing

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