Carnaby Street Blue and Borwn


If you are looking for a cane that scores high in terms of style and function, the Carnaby Street Blue and Brown walking stick should impress you. This handsome cane uses a restrained sense of styling, combining the classical color combination of Blue and Browns in its calf handle. Use of premium woods ensures that the shaft exudes a rich wooden aura. For ensuring long-term durability, the shaft is kiln-cured. The Carnaby Street walking cane gels well with most types of color combinations, making it a sensible fashion aid. It is strong enough to be used for its core purposebeing a trustworthy walking aid. The Carnaby Blue & Brown cane measures 36 inches in length and it can be easily cut down to a size that meets your requirements. It qualifies as a well-thought gift for someone who understands or is curious about the appeal of classically themed canes.

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