Back Scratcher Shoe Horn

The Back Scratcher Shoe Horn sounds unusual and its functionality might sound absurd but for some, it is a smartly conceived, invaluable utility. From a distance, it might appear like an unusual looking wooden cane. Step closer and you marvel at its innovative construction. The Back Scratcher Shoe Horn has a hand-shaped wooden spatula at one end and a classic shoehorn at the other end. Crafted with superior quality materials, this 22-inch shoehorn flaunts a whimsical design. Made in popular cane-making hubs of Italy, this Back Scratcher cum Shoe Horn helps you itch in areas that are otherwise quite difficult to reach, particularly any patch on your back. For people with medical issues that restrict their body movements, this is a versatile utility. It helps them put on their footwear when bending or stretching the hand seem impossible. Adding more utility is a wrist strap near the lower end of the shaft. It adds to the convenience of easily handling this shoehorn and lends some style too.

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