Classic Applewood Coppice Knobstick

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We just received a limited supply of these rare Applewood Knobsticks in from England. These unusual Applewood Walking Sticks have been produced to a very high standard. The handle for each one has been shaped by hand for comfort. The highly sought-after applewood canes has been straightened and reduced to produce an elegant taper, and to bring out the beauty of the grain pattern. Each one is unique and will differ slightly from the one in the photograph, which is part of their charm. The Applewood Knobstick is perhaps the best choice when you want a natural looking cane that needs minimal styling and yet captures everybodys attention with its raw charm. In the Applewood Knobstick, you get a stick with an interesting bit of European heritage, a walking stick that is now globally revered for its strength, and a resilient companion that will stand by you for years without flinching. This traditional country stick is known for its unique hue. They are all individually different. They average about 36 inches in length. They come with a ferrule on the tip. These Canes have been made to bring out the hue of of the Applewood. Remember when you ordered this stick that they are all different from the picture. Some of the knobs on this supply still have the growth area showing which really shows the character of the cane. This is all we will get until 2019.

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