Adjustable Folding Bespoke Pattern with Dogs


The Bespoke Pattern Dog Folding Cane is perfect for those who want a very flexible and sophisticated walking aid and they love dogs. The Folding Cane is exclusively made for individuals who need the folding type cane. The highly functional walking cane is ideal to provide extra support while helping maintain a proper posture. It offers an extra facility of portability via its folded design. The users can fold the cane and keep it in bag or cupboard when not in use. This is particularly useful when you have to set out on a long distance trip. The Dog Pattern cane ensures that users belonging to this category need not have to put in extra effort in adjusting the standard sized canes available in the market. Adjusts 32 1/2 to 36 1/2 inches. Comes with a wrist strap and heavy duty tip.

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