Marble Pink Derby Handle

Fashion statements tend to change every season. Only a handful of selections manage to survive. One such perennial performer is the Marble Pink - Derby Handle Cane. Smartly dressed with a distinct style, this cane is mounted on dark grey wood shaft giving it a completely unique look. The cane has also silver color attached with it. The Derby handle of the cane is very popular. It is not only comfortable to use but also provide enough support. The Marble Pink cane has elegant shape which creates a comfortable look. It is suitable for the use of the people who are suffering from arthritis or joint pain. The cane is available in the length of 36 inches and can be cut into sizes as per the requirements. Tip is #8-0398-08. This is the leading online store for a vast range of walking canes, ranging from designer options to heavy duty walking canes. The emphasis here is on maintaining high quality standards.

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