Womens Crook in Solids Chrome


The Womens Crook in Solids Chrome is designed as a perfect mix of style, convenience and utility. This sleek and innovative womens walking cane is constructed with durable aluminum cane shaft and crook-shape handle with Hypalon handgrip. The Hypalon material is slicker than foam grips, and at the same time more durable and easier to install. The aluminum shaft comes with aluminum locking nut for added protection. For more convenience, this extra-long cane with reinforced rubber tip is adjustable in length. You can adjust the cane length from 32 inches to 39 inches, making it comfortable even for the tall-users. Available in four colors, the Womens Crook in Solids Chrome features a ��-inch diameter shaft that tapers to a 5/8 inch diameter shaft towards the cane bottom.

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