Womens Crook in Solids Bronze


There is something very regal about an intense, warm bronze finish. When used on a womans walking cane, the results can be unbelievably good! Designed to enhance your walking mobility in style, the Womens Crook in Solids Bronze sports a sophisticated look that will effortlessly draw the attention of the onlookers. A Crook-shaped Handle with a Hypalon Grip has been positioned right on top to provide a firm grip owing to its sweat-resistant nature. An aluminum shaft that is adjustable in nature can be customized according to the needs and preferences of the user for better utility. This shaft also features a locking nut, made of aluminum as a safety measure. This cane also gets rubber tips that accentuate grip, making this cane more efficient. Adjusts 32-39 inches, tip #8-2700-08. Ladies crook has a 3/4 inch diameter shaft  which tapers to a 5/8 inch lower tube

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