Womens Crook in Solids Blue


Walking canes often struggle to have an individualized, feminine design. They are too vague, overtly embellished, or just too sober for a womans preferences. The ideal womens cane should be the right mix of fashion, mobility, and support without being too assertive. The Womens Crook in Solids Blue mimics the similar emotion in terms of usage, but it does not compromise on the design too. Designed with a vibrant look and a sleek structure, this cane features a crook shaped handle that comes equipped with a Hypalon Grip. It comprises of a rubber tip at the base, which aids in easy mobility and provides enhanced walking balance. Its Aluminum Shaft offers the possibility of adjustment according to the clients need. An Aluminum Locking Nut guards the cane. Adjusts 32-39 inches, tip #8-2700-08. Ladies crook has a 3/4 inch diameter shaft  which tapers to a 5/8 inch lower tube

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