Womens Crook in Solids Black


Very few cane-makers delve into the realm of Black-colored walking canes. This Womens Crook Cane is different from the norm. It wears the black in a stylish way, rendering a designer affect. The Womens Crook in Solids Black will prove to be a great functional asset owing to its fantastic conceptualization. Breaking away from the tradition of womens walking aids being too slender, this Solid Black Crook Cane has a solid shaft. Its simple design makes it a great gift to a woman who wants a designer addition in her wardrobe ensemble. The styling is slightly sober. It manages to draw attention with its Crook-shaped Handle wrapped in a rich black finish and a Hypalon Grip. The aluminum shaft can be adjusted in length and is secured with a locking nut for better safety. Adjusts 32-39 inches, tip #8-2700-08. Ladies crook has a 3/4 inch diameter shaft  which tapers to a 5/8 inch lower tube

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