Unisex Twisted Sanded


Unisex Twisted Sanded walking cane features a high gloss finish shaft with red, black then red shadings on the cane. This is a beautifully crafted cane that can be your lifelong walking companion and help you boost more confidence when on a date. This walking cane has Unisex maple wood with twisted sanded nose crook handle providing relaxed support to cane users with a carrying capacity of up to 250 lbs (around 113 kilos). Crook shaped handle canes are best for those who prefer to have their hands free from this walking accessory and hang the cane on their arm. Unisex Twisted Sanded walking approximately measures 5 inches x 1 inch x 36 inches with a steel reinforced suction grip rubber tip # 8-0398-08. This walking cane is a product of by Harvy Canes.

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