Unisex Derby Handle in Topaz


It is difficult to be a walking cane catering to all the genders and still be able to create the impression of being the perfect pickone attribute that comes shockingly easily to the Unisex Derby Handle in Topaz Cane. Made from the best of hardwood choices, i.e. maple, this derby handle walking cane uses the classical derby handle that is placed atop a topaz-finished shaft. The color sets this cane apart from the regular choices in this segment. Using a very warm shade of topaz, the Unisex Derby Handle cane uses a high gloss finish in lacquer. The result is a unique walking cane that looks well groomed and solid, standing tall at 36 inches. As a standard, the Unisex Derby Topaz walking canes comes with a rubber tip HC8039808 for ensuring you have more grip on wetter or slippery surfaces. Choose the Unisex Topaz walking cane for its unusually vibrant shade that makes it a perfect fashion accessory too. Explore this online store for the latest fashion trends in the niche of unisex walking canes and cane accessories. 

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