Straight Brandy Walking Cane with Derby Handle


Is it a walking aid, a fashion accessory, or a stylish container for your brandy? This versatile cane combines the traits of all these three applications, making it one of the most unusual canes in the market today. The Straight Brandy Walking Cane with Derby Handle is an amazing brandy bottle cane with five glass flasks. It has an anodized aluminum shaft and a straight handle. It features a Derby handle, which flatters the black hue of the shaft. It also features a golden ring and a plastic cap at the tip for a rich look. The cane measures 36 inches in length. Handsome and practical, this Straight Brandy Walking Cane with Derby Handle will be a great addition to your collection. It will also be a wonderful gift for a friend.  We only ship this item on  Friday's.

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