Sport Seat Walking Cane


This Sports Seat Walking Cane serves the combined purpose of a seat as well as a cane. You get a walking cane that lends adequate support while walking when you fold it and it transforms into a seat upon unfoldinghelping you relax whenever you feel the need to take a break, sit back and gather your strength. This unique Seat Cane Duo is made of lightweight and durable aluminum and comes with a sturdy handle for great support. It measures 34 inches while it is folded and 21 inches while unfolded into a seat. It weighs just 1.85 lb and can support up to 250 lb of body weight. Multifunctional and portable, this Sports Seat Walking Cane is a handy utility that serves many functions throughout the year, including hiking trails or shopping expeditions to a mall! This unusually dexterous cane is furnished with a Black Seat. It comes with a silver-framed classic handle. Shipping box size is 36x13x3

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