Classy Walking Cane Spiral Derby Tall


Spiral Derby Tall walking cane is one of the most preferred exotic walking canes that have always inspired the cane users and enthusiastic cane collectors. Offering a unique blend of style and functionality, this cane can be a masterpiece among your collectibles. The artistic hand-grooved spiral design running down the cane shaft has been perfected for style. These unique canes come with a simple knob handle or a bulb top for handling with comfort. These glamorous handles are also a stylizing factor for the cane. The cane, which comes in a length of 42 inches as standard, can also be customized to your preferred height. The cane also comes equipped with reinforced rubber tip that provide an extra safety and durability to the cane. Be it any wardrobe that you wish to wear for your next big event or ceremony, this cane is sure to go perfectly with any wardrobe that you wish to wear.

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