Soft Touch Brown Tease Ladies


Soft Touch Brown Tease Ladies walking cane is a lightweight cane that has metallic anthradite / gold / scorched and cherry stained high gloss finish hardwood shaft. It is great for people who look for a walking aid that would make you feel like you are carrying nothing at all due to its lightness. It features satin brown soft touch derby handle that offers relaxing support to cane users up to 250 lbs (around 113 kilos). The brass ring between the handle and shaft adds more elegance on the cane. This walking cane has a length of 36 inches and a steel reinforced suction grip rubber tip #39708 (ladies). Soft Touch Brown Tease Ladies walking cane has a similar one made for men, Soft Touch Brown Tease Men, and both of these canes are manufactured by Harvy Canes.

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