Smart Cane in Walnut


Walnut canes can get predictable, particularly those that get overwhelmed with the natural hue of cherry. However, the Smart Cane in Walnut uses a brilliant shade that accentuates the walnut wood aura of the cane. This shade of brown makes the cane a better accessorizing option and the perfect complement to match your wardrobe when you need an accessory that easily falls in-sync with both vibrant and sober color palates. It comes with a length of 36 inches as standard. If you require a shorter length, you can cut it to your size. The rubber tip makes it a safer option for wet and slippery surfaces. Making a unique style statement, the Smart Cane in Walnut can go perfectly with any wardrobe of your choice. Carry this glamorous walking accessory to your next black-tie event or formal luncheon and you can be sure to attract a lot of attention!

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