Slashed Nose Alpacca Cane

IFor those who prize subtle luxury, Slashed Nose Walking Cane is sure to be beloved. Crafted from premium maple wood—the choicest material for high-end wooden canes—its shaft is tapered and elegantly polished in a deep black shade. The classic black is punctuated by a Silver Slashed Nose Handle, for incomparable visual appeal. Even while providing all the practicality of a standard walking cane, this alpacca silver option functions as a veritable fashion accessory. At 36 inches, it is suitable for most users, and comes with a rubber tip for extra safety. Please note: these canes are carefully assembled by hand, rendering them ineligible for expedited shipping; we apologize for any inconveniences and thank you for your understanding, as these canes can only be shipped on Fridays.

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