T-Handle Folding Cane 36 Inch


Folding canes are commonly associated with comfort and convenience. And, it is rare that you relate a folding walking stick to a fashion accessory. The T-Handle Folding Cane 36 is an exception for this norm. It combines the fashion with functionality. The folding design is a great choice particularly for convenience in storing them in a cupboard or carrying them in a suitcase while on the move. The T handle gives it you an incredibly comfortable holding surface as well as a stylish accent to it. The height of the cane is not adjustable and it comes in a standard length of 36 inches with a rubber base. If you wish to have a shorter cane that suits your height, you can select the variant that comes in 33 inches length. Matching perfectly to any wardrobe that you wish to wear, this designer folding cane is a perfect accessory for any ceremonial events and functions.

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