Scotch Broom Walking Cane


The name can be misleading and no, we are not referring to the invasive shrub that the word scotch broom suggests at first glance. This is the name of a unique, premium wooden cane, the Scotch Broom Cane. The main highlight is the premium hardwood construction. The texture and pattern of the shaft clearly suggests that the best of oaks and hardwoods have been used. The result is very palpable. The Scotch Broom Cane makes an immediate impression, easily differentiating itself from the usual clutter of walking canes found in the market. It is also a kind of lifestyle statement. The Scotch Broom Cane is not meant for just idling around. It deserves attention. You can combine it with the best of your wardrobe choices to exude a sense of traditional style that still makes sense. The hardwood pattern adds to the wooden aura of the cane. The construction uses a scorched derby handle that sits elegantly atop the shaft. At 36-inches long, the Scotch Broom Cane addresses the requirements of most users. You can customize the length by getting it cut to suit your size. By choosing not to use a dark finishing color or compounds that add shimmer, the Scotch Broom walking cane maintains its wooden quality the main reason you should consider it! From attending the ball to meetings at convention centers, you can depend on the Scotch Broom Cane for helping you make a serious impression. Choose this unisex cane for its evergreen relevance and the unique scotch broom finish!

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