Rustic Oak Walking Stick


If you prefer classic wood look on walking canes that exudes natural beauty, then Rustic Oak walking cane is the answer. It features a scorched finish genuine rustic natural oak shaft that is appealing to most men. Whether you plan to carry a beautiful walking accessory on elegant party or simply need a companion on your daily morning walks, this walking cane could definitely be your pal. This walking cane has a crook shaped handle that provides comfortable support to cane users of up to 250 lbs (around 113 kilos) in weight. Natural oak walking cane is made of very strong wood with rustic character showed in knots, curves and natural grooves that will not affect the strength of the cane. It approximately measures 5 inches x 1 inch x 36 inches with steel reinforced suction grip rubber tip # 8-0399-08.

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