Russian Hound "L" shape Brown


L shaped handles are commonly associated with classic and eloquence. The contemporary handles are very attractive even in their basic design. The Russian Hound L shape Brown is a highly sought after cane both by art lovers and dog lovers. Embellished with a molded design of the tall Russian wolfhound, this brown colored cane is not just a walking support, but also a glamorous accessory that can accentuate your vivid sense of fashion and glamour. The tough nylon construction makes it impressively resistant to high impacts. The standard length of this fashionable walking accessory is 36 inches. However, we can get this customized to your preferred requirements of the height if specified before placing the order. Making a unique style statement, this glamorous walking accessory can go with any attire that you wish to wear for your next black-tie event or formal luncheon.

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