Rosewood Crutch with Collar


We believe in offering you the best of premium hardwood canes and the Rosewood Crutch with Collar Walking Stick is by far, among our most recommended picks in this selection. The richness of rosewood is very palpable, complete with a unique grain pattern that seems more pronounced with hand-worked finish to add a bit of luster. This stick is all about grace. The crutch handle is very easy to grip. For some, the crutch handle is more appropriate for men though the cane has a slight unisex appeal. A pure hardwood selection, the Rosewood Crutch with Collar walking stick gives you the assurance of a durable walking aid too. The strong yet comfortable handle and the sturdy shaft ensure you get good walking support at all times. At nearly 36-inches long, the Rosewood Crutch walking stick makes sense for most cane users, including first-time enthusiasts. The stick comes with a dependable ferrule tip made from premium-grade leather. Imported from Scotland, we have acquired enough numbers of this cane to address the rising demand.

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