Regency Bulb Walnut Simulated Antique Scrimshaw


Be it for anything, a perfectly constructed antique design is sufficient to capture your thoughts. Regency Bulb Walnut Simulated Antique Scrimshaw can be considered one such piece of pure art that reflects antiquity. This stylish walking accessory is a perfect collectible for your home. It has a simulated antique scrimshaw handle with a Bulb design featuring a finesse of the regency period. With a polymer resin handle, you can be sure of the quality of the product. The handle is fixed on a 1 inch diameter tapered shaft that is made out of hardwood. Available in black or walnut color shafts, this 36 inches long walking cane is a perfect match with any outfit for your next black-tie event or ballroom party. With a rubber tip for a firmer grip even on shiny and smooth surfaces, it can also be a good company while taking light strolls outside.

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