Tea Party in Red Grapes with Derby Handle


You cannot put your finger on it but you feel something not quite right in your wardrobe ensemble for the dayit is probably the missing ingredient many people fail to decode, i.e. a stylish walking cane!! The Tea Party in Red Grapes cane features a nature-inspired design with red grapes and green vine leaves. The white background accentuates the splendor of these beautiful colors. The design starts from the handle and carries until the ferrule. The derby handle provides a good grip, especially when you want to carry the cane for longer durations. The handle is mounted on an aluminum shaft, making it both strong and lightweight. The end is fitted with a non-slip ferrule to avoid slipping. Ease of adjusting the canes length means you can effortlessly maneuver it between 77 cm and 100 cm or 31 -39 inches, making it useful for a wider array of users. The yellow-colored clamp on the neck gives a good highlighting effect and beautifully complements the red grape shade.

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