Rattan Wrap

Rattan wrap continues to be a common application among different types of furniture items and wooden items for decorative and durability boosting purposes. Now, this designer element comes to the niche of walking sticks with the Rattan Wrap Walking Stick making this an outright exclusive offering. This handsome cane has thin, compactly wrapped Rattan sheaths and a Crook handle enveloped in Rattan wraps. It is finished in an intensely warm wooden finish. The handle sports a great blend of earthy colors on a subtly ribbed base. The gold-tone collar enhances its sophisticated look. Though primarily a walking aid, the Rattan Wrap Walking Stick makes more sense as a fashion accessory. It has all the pre-requisites of being an integral part of your wardrobe ensemble. Manufactured in Italy by globally renowned cane- makers, the Rattan Wrapped Walking Stick is the perfect and stylish companion for your leisure strolls. Robust and fashionable, it measures 36 inches in length. You can customize the length to suit your preferences.

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