Purple Dream Paisley


Nothing can beat the glamour of an accessory that is festooned with paisley flowers. That is why the Purple Dream Paisley walking cane has never failed to make a lasting impression on the onlookers. Coming with floral designs in purple, this cane accentuates your fashion sense. The purple color to the cane exudes a supernatural aura that every connoisseur will love. The Purple Dream  Paisley walking cane features a highly attractive derby handle that is set on a shaft having a matching print with a brass band. The high gloss shaft is made of durable hardwood and comes in a standard length of 36 inches. If you feel that the length is a more than your requirement, we can get this cut to your preferred sizes. The cane is available with a HC8039808 rubber tip for greater security even while walking across smooth and slippery areas.

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