Handbag Size Purple and Floral Folding Cane


The Handbag Size Purple and Floral Folding Cane is the best example of style, affordability and versatility, all rolled into one brilliant creation. The cane has its own easy packaging and carry-away solutions along with a sleek luster. The cane is made of lightweight aluminum where its shiny surface is quite resilient against everyday maintenance issues. The cane is easy to fold due to its five foldable sections. The compact, packed form is rather impressive, small enough to be carried in your handbag. The Purple and Floral finishing adds a touch of glamour. The cane is equipped with a wrist strap to complement the lustera free accessory that comes as a standard on every order for this cane! The folding mechanism has been perfected to make the folding/unfolding process effortless. You get the assurance of a fashionable cane that should complement most types of wardrobe choices for the day. It has the finesse associated with premium canes for women. A fashionable cane, it comes with the required accessories like a hard rubber ferrule tip for extra grip on slippery surfaces. The compact cane is easy to adjust, from 32 inches to 35 inches.  Take a look at the picture of the cane and see for yourself.

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