Platinum Walking Cane


A true wooden cane, the Platinum Tone Walking Stick should be on your list of must-haves if you are serious about your fashion accessories. It is obvious that this cane is not primarily meant for usage as a walking stick. Its appearance is fashionable and trendy to the core. The entire highlight is on its brilliant luster that walks the fine line separating gaudy from predictably sober. However, the highlight of the cane is its exotic Platinum Finish. The Derby Handle and the unusual tone of this finishing option mean you get an affordable walking stick that is a crowd-puller. The hardwood aura is very strong in the handle and shaft that make up the simple composition of this wooden cane. The presence of a slim chrome band creates the perfect contrast. At 36 inches, the Platinum Tone Walking Stick is reasonably long for most folks. Consider the Platinum Walking Stick if you searching for a walking cane with a progressive fashion sense. Tip 8-0398-08

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