Adjustable Elegant Adjustable Pink Diamond

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Pink can be playful, cute, and somewhat demure tooit depends upon what shade of pink is used and how it blends with the product. The Diamond Elegance Cane uses a beautiful shade of this lovable color. Using an infused Pink Pearl Swirl Handle, the cane is an outright designer accessory and not just a walking companion. This is underlined by the use of a satin finished adjustable shaft. The visual highlight also includes a diamond-like Rhinestone Collar. This cane is the ideal fashion accessory that is never out of fashion and easy to carry. You dont need any accessories along with it. The next time you want to make a statement at an event, carry this cane. Handling it is rather easy. You can effortlessly adjust it between a range of 31 inches and 38 inches. The shaft is made of aluminum, making it unbelievably light and strong. The weight limit is rather impressive at 180 pounds. The Replacement Tip comes in a standard 5/8 inch dimension and you get a Free Wrist Strap!

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