Petite Derby Golden Leaves


Petite fashioned canes have not managed to carve a niche for themselves in the niche of premium walking canes for women but the Petite Derby Golden Leaves Cane is one solid performer. Firstly, it grabs your attention with an unusually muted shade of gold that is neither too bright nor dullthe hues have been perfected to ensure you can carry this cane during the daytime and when the sun sets. We are sure that you will not find another golden and yellow hued cane that replicates the natural aura of autumns golden leaves to the hilt. You get a beautiful shaft that is covered with a fabric featuring beautiful red and yellow shaded leaves. The background is slightly orange, underlining the natural aura of the cane that does away with easy-to-find assembly line prints found among contemporary canes. The sealed and patterned fabric of the shaft looks durable, indifferent to the usual challenges associated with a fashionable walking cane for women. The height adjustment features mean that the Petite Derby Golden Leaves Cane can be explored by women across a wider range of height, particularly those who prefer exceptionally light canes that reek of feminine beauty. The derby handle provides an excellent grip without taxing the wrists or the palm, ensuring the cane is easy to carry.  Adjust from 25" to 35.5" in height.

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