Petite Walking Cane Fashion Adjustable Derby in Black and White Polka Dots


This walking cane manages to do the unthinkable with remarkable ease. The Petite Fashion Adjustable Derby Black and White Polka Dots walking stick is more compact than the average walking stick. It is called petite also because of its composition. Here, instead of using premium hardwoods that are famous for their texture and natural grain pattern, a lighter and stronger version of aluminum is used. This provides incredible weight-bearing capacity to the walking stick without adding to the weight. Further, a wooden shaft would have only raised the price without adding much to the aesthetics of the cane since it is covered in a polka dot print. Using natural shades of black and white with an emphasis on creating a cool palate of shades, the cane’s print has the ability to capture your attention at the first sight. You can use this cane purely for fashion accessorizing purposes. The Petite Fashion Adjustable Derby cane uses the black and white pattern in a more minimalistic manner. A contemporary walking stick made of aluminum, it is light and can be easily extended in small increments of 1 inch, providing you the easiest to adjust walking stick across a wide range of length, from 26½ inches to 34½ inches. Fitted with a proud standing brass collar, this petite handle cane caters to folks with smaller hands.

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