Palm Grip - Left Hand - Non Adjustable


Gone are the days, when canes were just considered as a piece of plain wood. These have now become more stylish and are truly a fashion statement. However, if you are looking for something more than just cane, then try this Palm Grip - Left Hand - Non Adjustable walking cane. Exquisite in design, durable in nature, sturdy in construction and high in strength, this fabulous piece is a great element to invest. Designed to perfection, this walking cane is an ideal choice for folks who have to stand for longer duration.  It features an anatomically designer poly-resin handle that offers a firm grip.  It offers a maximum comfort, stability and support to your palm.  This cane has a sturdy constructed walnut shaft adding durability to the overall structure. It comes in standard 36 inches length and can be customize further as per the preference. Buy this cane as a thoughtful gift. You can make a serious intellectual statement by explaining it to people that the standard walking cane is not ideal for all folks. Left-handed folks are not comfortable with the right-side orientation.

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