Overmold Ergonomic Folding Cane-Dark Pink


If you are looking for a cane that is stylish without compromising its core function of being a supporting/balancing aid, the Overmold Ergonomic Folding Cane-Dark Pink Walking Cane should be a serious consideration. Built to last for years, this sleek cane is polished in Dark Pink for an eclectic look. The cane comes with an ergonomically designed handle that fits the contours of your hand perfectly. This ensures proper grip and support. This folding cane is very easy to adjust and extends from 32.5 to 36.5 inches. It is also equipped with a strap to secure it to the wrist when not in use. Tipped with rubber supports for maximum safety, this dapper and easy-to-grip cane comes with a retainer clip for storage.

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