Orthopedic Finger Grip Handle Black


Orthopedic Finger Grip Handle Chrome is a functional walking cane that has a shiny chrome finish aluminum adjustable shaft with an aluminum security nut for added safety. The canes handle extends from 32 to 39 inches which would allow the users to choose the right cane height for them. This walking cane features specially formed orthopedic with finger grip for added support and comfort. Orthopedic handle was crafted to ergonomically fit the hand and be used in both the left and right hand. Orthopedic Finger Grip Handle Chrome walking cane offers great benefit to those who suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, joint problems or similar condition because it can be easily grasped than a regular walking cane. Definitely a sturdy and dependable walking cane for everyday support. Available in bronze, blue, chrome or black finish.

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