Offset Granite Series Purple


Use it as a walking stick or don it as an accessory to invigorate your style, the Offset Granite Series Purple Cane does justice to both attributes with amazing ease. Designed to charm any avid cane collector, this stylish cane features an aluminum offset handle along with 7/8 inch diameter aluminum tubing. Also popular as swan neck handle, the cane handle is covered with safe, cushioned ergonomic rubber grip with non-slippery design to reduce fatigue. For the convenience of walker, the handle has wrist loop to aid easy handling. The sleek aluminum shaft features an easy push button adjustment that allows the user to shuffle the cane length from 30 inches to 39 inches. It also features an aluminum lock nut and reinforced rubber tip to the bottom. This walking stick is available in a range of color selection including purple, raspberry, blue, green and black.

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