Men's Soft Touch-Black


The name might suggest a certain degree of softness or feminine traits in this walking cane but be assured; the Mens Soft Touch walking cane in Black is as macho as any other male-oriented walking cane. The Men's Soft Touch Cane comes with wide derby handle-satin soft touch black. This cane is remarkable for its not only style but also comfort it provides to the user. The cane is especially designed for the people who have arthritis or other problems in the joints so that they can easily grip the handle. The unique derby shape of the cane makes it very comfortable for the old people to walk along. It has metallic dark silver and black shading to metallic anthracite hardwood shaft. High gloss finish and black chrome ring lend touch of class. The length is 36 inches. Lightweight and sturdy, it is fitted with a long with rubber tip.

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