Men's Offset in Solids Rose


Men's Offset in Solids Rose Cane is the perfect blend of form and functionality owing to its sturdy construction, affordable pricing, and the amazing ease-of-use. Offering a firm grip and almost effortless to handle, this cane is meant to last for years with negligible maintenance. It has a Center Balance Handle with Hypalon Grip, which ensures more stability for the user. The aluminum adjustable 7/8 inch shaft is sturdy. The presence of an Aluminum Locking Nut facilitates enhanced safety. You can easily adjust this cane from 30 inches to 39 inches. It comes replete with a Rubber Tip and a dedicated Wrist Strap, meaning you dont have to spend on the basic cane accessories. The Men's Offset in Solids Rose Cane is accessible in seven different, solid color variants, helping you choose a color of your choice!

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