Men's Offset in Solids Mint


The Mens Offset in Solids Mint Walking Cane is a great choice for those who suffering from walking disabilities or have undergone any surgery that affects their ability to walk properly. It is ergonomically designed, making it much easier handle as compared to the usual clutter of canes found in the marketplace. It is made of aluminum and has a Center Balance Handle with Hypalon Grip for superior comfort. Its shaft measures 7/8 in diameter and comes with an aluminum locking nut for enhanced safety. Other notable features include a Wrist Strap and Tipped End. This offset cane is adjustable and can be flexibly moved from 30 to 36 inches, depending on your preferences. Finished in a Solid Mint Finish, this ultra-functional Mens Offset in Solids Mint Walking Cane makes a bold style statement as well!

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