Mens Jupiter

Among many canes available in the market, only rare designs tend to lure attention. With elegance and timeless design, the Mens Jupiter is a greatly cherished walking cane for men. With a distinguishing design, this walking cane features an old world tradition of quality and workmanship. This exotic cane comes with a derby-inlaid handle specially designed for men. The wooden handle features a circular pattern to the front that resembles Jupiter, as the name suggests. An irresistible attraction for cane lovers, the Mens Jupiter is a great choice for gala events and functions. At standard length of 36 inches, this cane can be cut and customized to your preferred length at the time of placing the order. The cane comes with a tip #8-0398-08 that ensures support in wet and slippery surfaces. Not just a walking support, the Mens Jupiter makes a unique fashion statement that can turn even the attention of critics. We pride ourselves on being a holistic provider of every type of walking cane and accessories. However, if we don't have something you seek, please contact us.

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