Ladies Mahogany with Silver Band


When it comes to walking canes for ladies, the designs and style seem to be a lot similar. This makes it extremely difficult for you to choose a better-looking design. The Ladies Mahogany with Silver Band is an exception to this norm. This charming walking cane can naturally turn every connoisseurs attention towards your selection. It features a crooked handle design that gives it a traditional look and feel to it. The bewitching build of the walking cane is further accented with the glossy mahogany finish. It has a 14K Silver accent band, making it more stylish than a plain design crooked handle walking cane. It comes in a length of 36 inches as standard, but we can get the sizes cut to your specific requirements. All you need to do is to choose your length from the drop down menu. This beautiful cane is a perfect choice for your next formal luncheons and grand events.

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