Ladies Brown Swirl Lucite


While most ladys accessories, including some walking canes, tend to shout for attention, some prefer to exude laid back elegancethe Ladies Brown Lucite cane is the perfect example of this. Using an exotic blend of two shades of brown, the walking cane makes for a thoughtful gift for women who like to look their best when stepping out for an evening at the ballroom or a convention center. The derby handle is made from brown Lucite and it wears a dynamic swirl pattern. The shaft is very sturdy, made of premium hardwoods. The walnut finish creates a warm aura that uniquely wooden in natureusually associated with aged hardwood solids like oak or maple. The brass ring sits atop the handle, like a smartly chosen accessory, complementing the overall aura of the brown Lucite walking cane for women. At this online store, you can feel assured about safety of online transactions, reasonable pricing, and shopping from a web store with a global reputation. Replacement tip #8-0397-08

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