Decorative Hiker Piqua Moulded Top Walking Cane


Yes, walking canes are carried primarily to provide additional support when walking. More applications include providing more grip when hiking up/down the trails. However, unlike regular walking canes, there are some decorative canes that are meant to be more of lifestyle accessories. The Hiker Piqua Walking Cane combines both these dynamics. It is somewhat of a fashion accessory but has some serious functional credentials also. The Corinium moulded Hiker Piqua Cane is a head-turner that's sure to reap admiration from virtually anyone who beholds it. A blend of artistic design and unparalleled craftsmanship, this moulded top walking cane is fashioned from quality-rated wood making it both sturdy and fashionable. The cane features a unique Piqua style handle perfectly fitting into the palm of the hand and a wrist cord that gives a comfortable hand grip. The brass collar affixed to the dark wood shaft imparts a royal touch to this cane. You get a premium cane that is exquisitely finished in a bronze effect. This luxe walking stick not only brings panache but also adds a little bit of fun a classy walking stick made for those who want a functional yet fashionable walking companion.  36 inches.

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