Hercules Tall Offset Handle

Being a unisex cane is not easy. A wooden stick needs to satisfy the aesthetically refined senses of a woman and a persons constant pursuit of something strong and durable. This is where the Hercules Cane comes across as an exclusive optionthe perfect unisex walking stick! The Hercules Tall Offset Handle Unisex walking cane comes with offset handle made of steel tubing to provide additional strength. For additional safety, it is fitted with double push button adjustment in 1-inch increment. This cane is specifically manufactured for people who weigh more than normal. It can bear a weight of up to 500 pounds. The length of this cane can be adjusted from 37 inches to 46 inches. The weight of this cane is more than a normal cane and is remarkable for its high strength. It has double push button for added safety. Replacement tips 8004008 Special Order

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