Fritz Amber Walking cane

If you are looking for a smart way to announce your sense of fashion, nothing can be more attractive than the Fritz Amber walking cane. Breaking free from the usual norms, this cane features a unique artwork in fritz handle. Boasting of a hardwood construction, the shaft comes with a scorched and stained pattern with highly glossy finish. This acrylic Fritz handle imitating the amber design, is a perfect choice across gender differentiations. The brass ring insinuates a sophisticated look to this cane. Coming in a length of 36 inches as standard, this walking cane can be cut to your preferred length. For this, you need to select the preferred length from the drop-down menu before ordering. The rubber tip #8-0397-08 is included to prevent slipping in wet and slippery surfaces. Please take a second to glance through our range of walking canes categorized according to different materials. Our canes are sturdy and the benchmarks for quality are never adjusted. You get the assurance of buying from a leading online retailer with established market credentials.

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